2017-2018 New Year Daytime Pairs Rankings

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Rankings at Monday April 22nd, 2019

PositionNameHandicapped AverageMatches Played
1Granville Gregg & Norma Gregg60.08212
2Sue Carpenter & Steve Roswald59.58511
3Mary Jackman & Mary Lywood59.40312
4Helen Meadley & Sue Wagstaffe58.95212
5Philip Richards & Hilary Richards57.07511
6Judith Edmondson & Jim Fudge56.39513
7Ian Ker & Amy Ker55.09114
8Peter Healey & Angela Whitear53.6211
9Joan Walker & Anne McGrory53.4158
10David Carter & Brian Atkins53.38758
11Jill Nutt & Marjorie Priestley51.99258
12Ken Bradbourn & Margaret Bradbourn51.0815
13Pam Warren & June Makin48.40388

These players have also taken part but have insufficient qualifying matches

PairHandicapped AverageMatches Played
Patricia Reed & Anastasia Potter60.793
Jane Matthews & Janet Cresswell58.992
Janet Cresswell & Chris McMahon54.44836
Ron Cresswell & Janet Cresswell54.181
Fiona Cundall & Sue Wilkinson51.08754
Steve Roswald & John Priestley48.691

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